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2019 Tour Recap/Takeaways!!!

With 2019 coming to a close (at the time of writing this post) I am still reeling from the amazing Electro-Delic Funk Tour which started mid October and lasted through late November of this year. I played over 15 shows in 30 days spanning across Utah, Nevada, California, and Arizona - so got to see some incredible Americana landscape. In fact, I am in the process now of editing a ton of footage of both live shows and some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever scene in my life into a short documentary style film that I will be releasing soon. Besides a chipped windshield, a flat tire, and a couple music stands that no longer work, I came out on the other side relatively unscathed.

I got to see family and friends along the way- earned new fans, and got to check off a huge goal of mine which was to complete my journey via roadway from the east coast to the west coast. Finally reaching the Pacific Ocean was pretty surreal... and then driving down the coast from San Francisco to San Diego was even more epic. If you've never gotten the chance to travel route 1 on the Californian coast... um... stop what you're doing and make it happen (you may want to plan to make a lot of pit-stops for picture taking and introspective pondering on life's beauty - especially if there happens to be a sunset taking place.)

Now for my takeaways -

1. The US is not overpopulated. Drive through UT or Nevada and you'll see what I mean. Almost 50% of the US is unpopulated... FACT - so don't believe the hype.

2. Reno is a cheap place to stay, because it is the nation's butthole. Maybe skip it on the itinerary (sorry Reno.)

3. San Francisco is an awesome place to visit, but just make sure you don't leave ANYTHING in your car or they will break into it (yes, even a pair of sunglasses) and also make sure that you mind the parking signs, angle your tires and all that or you will have an $80 ticket to answer to.

4. Los Angeles takes the title for city that never sleeps. Sorry, NY, I lived in Brooklyn for 6 years and LA parties much harder.

5. San Diego is beautiful and apparently only 20 minutes from Mexico - didn't know that. Next time, I'll bring my passport!

6. Arizona apparently had palm trees imported there a long time ago - so now it looks like California, but is NOT California. Also, there are immigration check points along the southern border of AZ with K9's - so if you're planning to bring anything that is legal in California (hint, hint) with you... maybe don't!

7. Salt Lake City is NOT a dry town. It's actually kind of poppin'.

8. Packs of stray dogs frequent certain gas stations on route 89 in Arizona. Watch out.

My biggest take away out of this though is that if you have the ability to pursue something that you truly believe in, do it. If there is something standing in your way... go around it (within reason folks) and just remember that life should not be always about work. Sometimes it's about play! Thank you everyone who helped make this dream a reality for me.

Currently booking 2020 - keep your eyes peeled for new dates to be announced soon.

Stay funky!


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