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Picking songs to cover with a loop pedal

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Ok, so you've bought a loop pedal and $10k worth of equipment and pedals, placing yourself in serious debt that will no doubt send you on a slippery slope to bankruptcy, so your only option is to tour the world as a one person show to pay off the loan sharks after your head. You need covers, and you need them fast. They have to be amazing, succinct and recognizable. How do you pick which songs to cover?

Ok, 1st and foremost, the songs have to be simple enough that you can seamlessly transition between sections without making it sound like the song has come to a halt in the middle. This, unfortunately right away, usually rules out a bunch of more complex songs. Sorry Mozart... Welcome to looping life. At the current state of looping technology, your choices are somewhat limited. The good news? There are thousands of songs out there that you can cover and create spin-offs of that are interesting, dynamic, and within your range. You're a musician. Think outside the loop! Listen for songs on the radio or even sections that you can duplicate on your gear that will capture the audiences attention.


The more instruments you have, the more songs you can cover. For instance, I have an RC300 Boss Looper, which only has two inputs. So I guess that means I can only do two instruments, right? Wrong. I invested in a mini mixer which allows me to loop Guitar, Synthesizer, Drum machine, Bass, Sound Effects, Vocals and more, etc.


The trick is repetition. Keep building the songs the same way from scratch over and over again, cutting down the time until the loop is completed each time. Do it so many times that it is engrained in your mind well enough that you don't have to think about it. There is nothing worse than either messing up a loop track live on stage and having to start over, pretend nothing happened, or explain yo damn self. Not to mention, the audience is watching you so if you look like a deer in headlights that isn't cool either, bruh. Practice so you don't have to think about anything other than reading the audiences response and can focus on being engaging!


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